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GESTE Engineering Gothard

GESTE Engineering at the inauguration of the Gotthard Base Tunnel

GESTE Engineering has provided engineering services for the realization of the 57km Gotthard Base Tunnel.

GESTE has assumed, in consortium and close collaboration with AlpTransit Gotthard and the future operator SBB, the technical management of the signalling and automation part of this centenary project.

GESTE has participated in their technical and functional specifications, the definition of business processes, planning to commissioning, laboratory and on-site tests and the redaction of the safety cases. GESTE has also provided support to the prime contractor for railway and auxiliary systems, as well as for the coordination and the management of the interfaces and the RAMS aspects between the different technical fields.

GESTE team Gothard site

In the photo, GESTE’s team during the inaugural day of the Gotthard Base Tunnel.

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