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Message from the chairman

Our expertise for sustainable connections

The exciting history of GESTE Engineering has been achieving positive results for more than 15 years. The engineering consultancy firm, established in 1999 to work on scientific research projects, lives on the commitment of our employees and the confidence of our clients and partners. As we continue to grow, our team is expanding, our core businesses are branching out, and the region we serve is widening.

We know we can depend on a brilliant team of engineers, technicians and administrative personnel, who give the company its expertise.

We work daily to create lasting connections between ourselves, our partners and our clients, as well as between people in general, by participating in sustainable infrastructure projects, particularly for road, rail and urban transportation. Our daily commitment remains faithful to our original values: using innovation and modern technologies to complete our clients’ projects on time with high quality standards, serving human needs for mobility and safety while protecting the environment in which we live.

In this cutting-edge field of engineering, experience is essential: our strength lies in being able to unite experts in support of promising young engineers, thereby guaranteeing the transfer of knowledge. Our strength also lies in the quality and the professionalism of our services, the enthusiasm that we put into our activities and the loyalty that our clients reward us with. Finally, our strength lies in our participation in local projects, no matter how small, as well as more large-scale, complex and world-famous projects in Switzerland, throughout Europe and on other continents. This strength allows us to confidently expand and establish ourselves in a sector often dominated by huge engineering groups.


Michele Mossi

Chairman of the Board of Directors