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Company Profile

GESTE Engineering Ltd is a private limited company with offices in Lausanne, Bern, Paris, and Brussels. Founded in 1999 as a start-up at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne (EPFL), its headquarters are in Lausanne, in the heart of the EPFL Innovation Quarter.

Within this dynamic framework, GESTE Engineering gathers the know-how and expertise of experienced engineers and technicians who have contributed and continue to contribute to the success of major projects in Switzerland, France and throughout the world. This international dynamic in the company’s activities, which now accounts for more than 30% of our business, can also be found in the composition of our team, who are used to working in multiple languages.

Since our founding, we have successfully partnered with public and private companies, industrial groups, engineering companies and architectural firms, with public administrations and private organizations, and with universities and international research centres.

The French name GESTE – whose main meanings in English are « gesture, deed » – also stands for « Groupe d’Étude de Systèmes de Transport dans leur Environnement » (study group of transport systems in their environment). It reflects our energy and our commitment to take action and to consider transportation systems – whether for passengers or freight – to be an integral part or component of an environment that has human beings and their well-being at its core.

In addition to this name, our logo, designed to celebrate the company’s 15-year anniversary, illustrates our daily work, which consists of assembling, connecting and completing objectives, ideas, individual solutions into a comprehensive, systemic, efficient, finished project.


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