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Pedestrian flows

With ever-more complex transportation infrastructures, ever-longer tunnels, ever-faster trains, safety norms are proliferating. In the same time, comfort and performance requirements continuously increase.

Therefore, the management of pedestrian flows has become a key parameter of the design of transport infrastructures, for issues related to the comfort and fluidity as well as to answer the problematic of the people’s evacuation in case of emergency.

GESTE’s simulations of pedestrian flows bring means to evaluate these two problematics.


Optimization of connection times

Pedestrian flows management has become a key issue underlying the conception of multimodal transit hubs.

The variety of functions played by contemporary train stations (exchange centers playing the cards of intermodality, shop centers…) makes this conception even more complex, as all parameters should be taken into account: the building itself, its equipment, the shopping areas, the constraints linked to road and rail transportation system and their interfaces, etc.

Thanks to our mastering in these different subjects (infrastructures, railway equipment, urban transport systems), we are up to achieve realistic simulations of pedestrian flows, even in complex environments, and as such, to contribute to railway station development projects.


Passengers’ evacuation concept

Besides its competencies in simulation of pedestrian flows, GESTE Engineering has high-skills in safety and airflows engineering, what enables the company to assess the safety level of transport infrastructures (and first of all, of tunnels), to build concepts for the evacuation of passengers and for the intervention of emergency services, and to carry out the sizing of lifesaving and firefighting equipment and controls.

Simulations of pedestrian flows in normal situations and in emergency cases, as well as fire simulations, can be used to assess and prove the appropriate sizing of lifesaving and firefighting equipment and to validate the foreseen safety concept.


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