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Urban densification, the growth in human transport, the saturation of road traffic and air pollution are issues faced by many cities, both large and small. To confront these challenges, local authorities are driven to improve existing urban transport systems and build new metro, tram and bus lines, whilst developing routes for sustainable mobility as well.

Urban transport operators are no longer simply being asked to improve their performance and ensure the operation and maintenance of existing lines that get more challenging by the day. They are also being asked by public authorities to carry out a new important mission: improve the services and expand the network. To accomplish this double mission whilst also managing projects of increasing complexity, they are seeking out competent and effective external support that can quickly understand their needs and mobilise all the resources and expertise that will be required. This external support has to apply skills in the latest technologies and managerial methods that are right for the urban network and for the provided services, both at present and in the future.

Against this backdrop, our team of specialists, engineers and technicians – with international experience also on both the industrial and operational levels – is perfectly capable of meeting the requirements of urban transport companies, by virtue of its ability to understand their requirements as well as industrial products and processes. We provide expert advices, engineering and consultancy services for metro, tram, tram-train and bus lines and depots. Our emphasis is on engineering and system architecture, signalling and automation, whether driverless or not (STO, DTO, UTO), management systems and control centres, telecommunications, safety (RAMS) and ventilation. Our experience puts us among the leaders in these domains.


Domains of activities

  • Metros, whether driverless or not
  • Tramways
  • Tram-train
  • Buses and Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)
  • Trolley buses
  • Depots


Core competencies