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Safety of infrastructures

Sustainable design of transport infrastructures (railway stations, metro stations, airports), shops centers, as well as of any building meant to receive public, involves a thorough thinking towards their safeness and their longevity. This includes elements such as the fire resistance of construction materials, the planning of emergency escape routes, smoke extraction systems, emergency equipment, etc.

This thinking is reined in by a regulatory framework elaborated through norms and standards. Both clients and providers must have the safeness of their installations being certified, and therefore must launch assessments, expertise and second glances to have the technical safeness of their installations being checked.

GESTE Engineering is entitled with various references of that kind, having applied this approach and presented its results to the relevant approval authorities on many occasions, for transport infrastructures, but also for infrastructures of commercial or administrative nature. The legal framework in Switzerland is given by the VKF (the Association of Cantonal Fire Insurances).


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