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Railway companies are the crown jewel of sustainable transport. Today, even as they are evolving faster than ever, they also face a sizeable challenge: maintaining an ageing network while also meeting an important increase in demand that requires the construction of new lines and improving the performance of existing infrastructure.

To respond efficiently to this challenge, railway infrastructure and operation companies must be able to rely on an experienced team of project managers, specialists and engineers in railway technology and infrastructure, who know how to analyse the actual status of the existing network, assess what is needed to meet demand, and plan construction works that will have the desired impact. A team proficient in both the latest technologies and those older, now approaching obsolescence. A team that can also work on projects where rail service is already operating, whilst maintaining the safety and the reliability of traffic, minimising impact on that existing service and coming in under budget and on schedule. Consequently, the involvement of experts in all railway domains, the good planning and scheduling of the phases of the work, the multi-disciplinary management of interfaces as well as the proficiency in signalling and safety installations – which together form the core of railway operations – each play a major role in the success of such projects.

Thanks to their years of experience in railway companies and their involvement in numerous rail projects, our specialists, engineers and technicians help our younger engineers hone their skills and allow us to confidently tackle our clients’ challenges. They provide expert advices, engineering and consultancy services in various railway technical professions, as well as the historical profession of safety installations and signalling, whether trackside (light signalling) or on-board (ERTMS, CBTC).


Domains of activities

  • High-speed railway lines
  • Intercity railway lines
  • Regional railway lines
  • Metre gauge railway lines
  • Rack railway lines


Core competencies