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Self-developed software

GESTE Engineering has developed its own software in order to get suitable tools to its activities and to the needs of its clients.

These are the following:


This 1D aerodynamic solver can measure:

  • The compressible unsteady flow generated by the movement of vehicles in railway or road tunnels with a complex geometry,
  • The propagation of smokes in case of a fire in a tunnel, taking into account the ventilation and the movement of vehicles.

It also allows numerical simulations of the evacuation of people.


TunClim is a 2x1D thermodynamic solver, which  measures among others the long-term evolution of air and rock temperature in networks of deep tunnels.

This software includes parameters such as airflows, air humidity, heat sources and heat sinks, heating and cooling systems.


In the frame of a research project sponsored by the Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI), the Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne (EPFL) and GESTE have been working together to develop this software.

The dynamic coupling of 3D (NSMB) and 1D (TNT) aerodynamic solvers underlying the concept of this software enables to realize fire simulations in long tunnels.

NSMB-TNT also enables to measure aerodynamic fields in tunnel through the coupling of a 3D simulation of the close airflows with a 1D simulation of the distant airflows.


Other internally used applications

For its daily activities, GESTE also uses commercial and open-source software.

For complex, unsteady and compressible fluidodynamics, the following 3D numerical solvers are used:


• Fluent

• StarCCM

With them, GESTE performs numerical simulations of complex and turbulent flows and results analyses.

Last but not least, for the simulation of pedestrian flows, GESTE uses the software SimWalk.

This software offers several advantages:

  • integration of parameters such as schedules,
  • Microsimulation Modelling (modelling of each pedestrian with its own goals and behavior).

This level of modelling, which is very flexible, enables to obtain a realistic simulation of environments, even complex, under various conditions, from daily situations to panic situations.

Typical uses of Simwalk for GESTE:

  • Proof of efficiency of the emergency exits in railway stations, airports and other complex buildings,
  • Urban planning,
  • Traffic engineering,
  • Support to the architectural conception of infrastructures and public areas, proof of architectural concepts,
  • Pedestrian simulations in architecture.